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What a dynamic island. Grandiose and so different landscapes characterize the island in the Atlantic. This is where the European and North American plates collide. Glaciers abound, bubbling sulfur pools and smoking volcanoes.

The classic for self-drivers and explorers is the „ring road“. Approximately 1600 kilometers of road lead like a ring around the entire island. From here, you can get to the impressive landscape on acres. but partially accessible only with four-wheel drive vehicles.

The Icelandic highlands is something special and a real adventure. Narrow gravel roads, boulders and river crossings. There are no masses on the way here that cause traffic jams. In winter you have no chance to get through here. But in the summer, when traveling with your 4WD (4×4 vehicle), discover the original, authentic Iceland. Be sure to take your time. Fast is not possible here. But the solitude and tranquility brings you very quickly to the ground of relaxation.

With GetYourGuide Iceland You get all the advantages for a perfect holiday. 


Polarlights bus tour – one of our bestsellers

4 hours you will never forget again.

Take the bus out of Rekjavik and drive to an exposed spot where you will have a magnificent view of the Northern Lights.

This natural spectacle arises because the charged particles of the solar winds are attracted to the pole ends of our earth. It is therefore a natural spectacle; A 100% guarantee for a sighting can unfortunately not be given.

Included in the ticket price at GetYourGuide Island : Access to Aurora Museum Island .

Whale watching at its finest

Whale watching has a long tradition in Iceland. They come pretty close to the huge marine mammals.

The best place in Iceland to watch the animals is Husavik . Blue and humpback whales give themselves a place-you-in. On board your ship you will receive interesting information about the way of life of the giants.

This tour is conducted by various local providers => see the detailed list of Getyourguide Island .

Golden Ring – Golden Circle (Bestseller)

No, it is not the Ring of the Nibelung. Come with us on the full-day excursion and follow in the southwest of the volcanic island the route of the geysers and the spot of the famous Gullfass waterfall. Also, the  Þingvellir National Park is controlled. Here is a ditch zone, which was created by the tectonic shifts 2 continental plates.

Day tour through the south of the island

This trip also takes you to the south of Iceland.

You drive eg to the basalt surf pillars in Vik, to the glacier Sóheimajökull and behind the waterfall at the Seljalandsfoss .

An exciting day with many unique natural wonders.

Car rental in Iceland

Iceland is ideal for discovering your car in an individual way. Depending on the planned tour, no four-wheel drive vehicle is required. But if you are leaving the ring road to visit some great spots in the interior, it’s best to hire a four-wheel drive . 

In any case, pay attention to (very) good insurance coverage. About our large independent 
price comparison for car hire in Iceland you will quickly find the right car rental.

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