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What? You have not seen Barcelona yet? But then go.
The city in Spain – Catalonia is a „must have seen“. 
Sun-drenched and rich in history and art.

Barcelona sights: 
There is, of course, the unfinished church “ Sagrada Familia „. The ingenious master builder and artist “ Antoni Gaudi “ created the landmark of Barcelona. His unfinished masterpiece combines Gothic elements with Art Nouveau. There is no comparable structure worldwide. You should definitely book your entrance ticket for the Sagrada Familia well in advance, because experience shows that the rush is almost always immense.

Let’s go on to the “ Park Güell „, which of course sprang from the ideas of Senor Gaudi. This extraordinary park in the heart of the city is one of his genius works. The view over the city also makes the hearts of the visitors beat faster. You can get a day pass through our portal and explore the park on your own. Barcelona Park Güell has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

If you do not have enough of breathtaking views, you can treat yourself to a ride on the Montjuic cable car . From about 85 meters high you can enjoy a wonderful view over the metropolis to the Mediterranean Sea.

Do you really have enough time for Barcelona? Enjoy your stay. Best with Get Your Guide Barcelona .

Sagrada Familia

For over 100 years they are building this church and are still not finished. Antoni Gaudi began with his Sagrada Familia in 1882, the planned completion is scheduled to take place in 2026. Due to the long construction period, there are also different architectural styles in Barcelona’s landmarks.

The elements range from neo-Gothic to modernism. Ultimately, the church is said to have 18 towers, twelve of which are dedicated to the apostles.

Important: Not only in the high season is the visit of the church a must for every visitor of Barcelona. The checkouts and waiting times are correspondingly frequented. With our ticket you get a fast admission to the Sagrada Familia . Or you book the variant fast entry and tower access . And last but not least, we have the Church without leadership but with leadership .

Parc Güell

This attraction was also created by the artist Antoni Gaudi. Commissioned by industrial tycoon „Eusebi Güell“, this plant was to be built even larger than it eventually became. Although Mr. Gaudi tried to save costs at every turn (the tiles were made of ceramic waste), the elaborate manual work made the park more expensive.

In the park itself, only 3 instead of 60 villas were built. One of these related to the artist himself and lived there until 1 year before his death. Today, his home serves as a museum. For the most part, Park Güell can only be visited with a ticket, and the number of visitors is limited to a maximum of 400 people at the same time. We offer you a ticket to the park without queuing , but with guide from just € 20,00.

Barcelona - Hola BCN Card

The Hola BCN ticket is super practical for all visitors in Barcelona. Finally, it is said that public transport in the Spanish metropolis is one of the best in the world.

The tickets are valid for different purposes and you can use the metro, buses and trams free of charge. This card is especially useful because you do not have to be annoyed with different tariff zones and reductions etc.

Important for those arriving by plane in Barcelona: this ticket is also valid for transportation from the airport to the city. With us you get the ticket „Hola BCN“ immediately online.

Casa Milà Pedrera

How does one come up with such an idiosyncratic architecture? Sure, of course. Gaudi can do that.

The house is located in Passeig de Gràcia # 92. One of the great things about this building is that the house does not require air conditioning. The architect has really done a great job here. In addition, the walls can be moved individually in each apartment. This is made possible by the well thought-out construction without load-bearing walls and columns.

Initially, this house was rejected by the residents of Barcelona. Yes, they even called it a quarry (La Pedrera); this insult was used because the extraordinary façade evokes associations with it.

UNESCO protected „Casa Mila“ in 1984 as the first house of the 20th century worldwide. With our entrance ticket for „La Pedrera“   by GetYourGuide Barcelona you save the long queuing and get an audio guide.

Rent a scooter in Barcelona

Really a great thing. You rent one of the cheap scooters and are completely independent in the Spanish city. Parking problems: No way, because you always park in the 1st row. In our low rental prices are the helmets (also for your pillion). Also very good insurance coverage included. Try it and rent your scooter .

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