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Rome is the „eternal city.“ Founded in 753 BC. According to legend, it was Romulus and Remus who baptizes the city. It was the center of the ancient world. From here, the Roman Empire was administered. Our life today in the west of Europe is based on the cultural achievements of the empire of the time.

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Vatican and Sistine Chapel

Immeasurable cultural treasures can be found in the Vatican. The museums amaze all visitors. Carved sarcophagi, the cabinet of masks or the gallery of maps. And then in the Sistine Chapel the world-famous frescoes of the exceptional artist Michelangelo.

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St. Peter's Basilica without queuing

Yes, of course, the Vatican also includes St. Peter’s Basilica, including the gigantic St. Peter’s Square. The real name: Saint Peter in the Vatican. The cathedral is the religious center of the state of Vatican City. It is the largest of the papal basilicas in the world. It is believed that the church was built over the tomb of St. Peter. The construction period lasted from 1506 to 1626.

Architecturally, all the registers of the time were pulled here. Of particular note is the mighty dome. Michelangelo probably drew the origin plans. The dome is now considered to be the largest freestanding structure in the world, built from brick.

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Colosseum, Palatine & Roman Forum in combination pack

What used to be battles, fights and gruesome events here. Rome’s Colosseum is the world’s largest amphitheatre ever built. It was built between 72 and 80 after the birth of Christ. It is still the landmark of the city of Rome and one of the most popular attractions of the Italian capital.

Through 80 entrances, the crowds of visitors were able to reach their seats relatively orderly and quickly. Of course, the VIPs were something very special at the time and found access through 4 special entrances. Thanks to this truly sophisticated system, the „Arena“ could be cleared within only 5 minutes (with about 50,000 visitors). A true feat and role model for modern stadiums of today.

And there’s another highlight in the Coliseum. If the wooden floor in the arena itself was removed, the „playing field“ could be completely flooded. Emperor Titus had (historically proven) naval battles performed.

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Villa Borghese

Galleria Villa Borghese Admission

A unique location in the city of Rome. And a unique park with a world-famous art collection in the Villa Borghese. The noble Borghese family is the origin of this treasure in the city.

About 5 km ² of park offered the family enough space to spend the summer holidays there. Today, this unique is owned by the Italian state and is open to the public. With our ticket you get reserved admission and save valuable holiday time. The number of visitors is limited to currently 360 people at the same time. So book your
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Scooters ride in Rome

From the cityscape in Rome or other Italian places, they are no longer to be thought of: The scooters and Vespas, which gather like a swarm at the forefront line of traffic lights. The traffic sign hasn’t really switched to green yet and the scooter riders are already scratching and rattling off.

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GetYourGuide Rome

On your own, of course, you can also explore the city. Particularly noteworthy is the Castel Sant ‚Angelo and the famous Fontana di Trevi. For example, you can get a great overview through Rome with the hop-on hop-off bus ticket. Getting in and out at will and ideal for getting a first impression of the great city. Get a 48 or 72 hour ticket Rome. Tickets can also be booked with us for the Roman Forum. Whoever ends up in Rome with the plane has to come to the city somehow. Nothing easier than that. Our Airport transfers from Rome Fiumicino or Campino Drive to the city reliably to the centre at a fair price. How about a little tour with a local? The street food touris Rome. 5 restaurants, which you would probably never have found yourself, offer delicious specialities. Conclusion: With GetYourGuide Rome, you can experience the Italian metropolis in a simple and affordable way. The preferred admissions, in particular, are an absolute advantage.

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