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Oh Paris, mon Amour. Yes. Everyone knows that Paris is the city of love. But the French capital is one of the most popular cities for getaways and weekend vacations. Hotels, guesthouses or about airbnb. Accommodations range from the 5 star range to simple apartments for the small budget.

But above all: Paris offers an incredible number of sights. And for many of them, you can book in advance through our partner „getyourguide“ the tickets. Your advantage: No queuing at the cash registers, as there are often separate entrances. So you can pass with a smile on the face of the other people waiting.


Sure. Once in a lifetime You have to be on the Eiffel Tower. For some time, the square below the Parisian landmark is only accessible through security gates. Similar to the airport bags and jackets are controlled. It can take a long time depending on the time of day. Be sure to pay attention to this, as our ticket to the Eiffel Tower gives you a special meeting place with the guide.

Ok, very sporty run up to the top. But who has so much time? Therefore, we recommend our Eiffel Tower tickets . With your guide you pass the queue. You will reach the second floor of the tower. Your Paris guide will tell you details and stories that surround the tower. Here ends the prebooked tour.

But on your own, you can still buy tickets for the top of the Eiffel Tower on this floor. Do it necessarily. Our tip: Just before dusk, it goes up to the top. Enjoy a glass of champagne at the bar and experience the onset of darkness. We ourselves were very excited. The view of the luminous city, the triumphal arch and the Seine. Maybe there’s even fireworks somewhere nearby?

Louvre without queueing

Have you ever tried it? You can easily book the most beautiful sights and tickets in Paris online with GetYourGuide Paris. Avoid long waiting times in the french capital as you benefit from our  ticket to the preferred entrance to the Louvre .

Explore one of the world’s best art museums at your own pace with this ticket . Take advantage of an entrance to the Louvre without queuing and avoid the stress on the card counters. Just go to the GetYourGuide guest support team at the museum entrance for your ticket and other useful tips for your visit. After a security check, you can go straight to the museum.

Who does not know her? The Mona Lisa . And everyone wants to see the world-famous smile of the lady in real life. Accordingly it is very crowdy in front of the exhibited picture. But the wait is worth it. No less famous is the “ Venus of Milo „.

The collection of this museum reaches from the Egyptian antiquity until well into the Renaissance. After entering the Louvre, it is best to determine which department interests you most. You can not do anything anyway. Also not on 2 museum days.

Or you can visit the famous Natural History Museum in Paris , or book the tickets for the  Catacombs of Paris – really scary. Of course, a trip from Paris to Versailles should not be missed.

Arc de Triomphe

The Place Charles de Gaulle itself is worth a visit. Unbelievable how trouble-free the traffic at this large roundabout runs. It seems to be a wild mess, but accidents rarely happen.

Anyway, in the middle of this traffic junction is the triumphal arch. It was built between 1806 and 1836. In memory of the unknown soldier. Its tomb is under the Arc de Triomphe. Here the eternal flame blazes in his honor. Several times a year, wreath-laying ceremonies and commemorations take place here.

Napoleon personally commissioned the construction. Finally he won the battle of Austerlitz. But he did not experience the completion of the monumental work anymore.

With our ticket for the triumphal arch you bypass the queue and reach the 50 meter high platform. It offers a fantastic 360 panoramic view. Especially great is the view down the boulevard Champs Elysees.

Palace of Versailles

The Sun King Louis XIV had this monumental, world-famous castle built. It was also known due to the peace treaties there in 1919. These sealed the end of the First World War and the surrender and war debt of Germany. But in turn.

From the central survey point, the zero point, in Paris (at the Notre Dame), it is 22 kilometers to the castle. At the beginning of the 17th century, he decided that the King of France should become the seat of government of his father’s old hunting lodge. And as befits a detached king: it was paddled and not spilled. Particularly impressive is the interior of the Hall of Mirrors Schlappe measures 75 meters in length and 10 meters wide, the hall. There are 357 mirrors on the walls in this one. The ceiling is full of frescoes that pay homage to the king.

With our entrance ticket to the Palace of Versailles you will receive admission to the royal apartments. You do not have to stand at the cash register. Oh yes, the journey to Versailles itself is not included. But by train it’s just 20 minutes (line RER C). In fine weather you should definitely go to the parks. Incredibly big and rich in flora. In addition, a great view over the fountain on the front of the building.

Important to know: Young people and children under 18 enjoy free access to the castle. Likewise EU citizens under 26 years. Please have the appropriate documents ready. This information is subject to change at any time – therefore no guarantee!

Disneyland Paris

With the regional trains of the RER (similar as with us the rapid-transit railway). For example, from Central Station Gare de’l Est, you can drive to Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy Station in just 35 minutes . From there it is only 2 minutes walk to the entrance of the amusement park.

Or with the Disneyland Paris Express . From the urban train stations Gare du Nord, Opéra and Châtelet, there is fun.

Romantic Boattrip on the Seine

Certainly not only suitable for romantics and fresh lovers. It is truly an unforgettable experience for everyone.<7p>

Every 30 minutes a tour on the river through the capital starts during the season. We especially recommend the evening drive. Why? Because you get a very different view of the capital. Pass under bridges past famous and illuminated sights. Very close to Notre Dames. And then there is the Eiffel Tower In the evening it is particularly illuminated and every half hour „glitters“ and „sparkles“ the tower.

On board the excursion boat you will receive an audio guide (13 languages). There is also a guide on board to provide you with additional information.

Drinks and meals are not included. Book your trip by boat on the Seine .

Catacombs of Paris

Really scary. No, not just the catacombs themselves. Also the never-ending snake in front of the entrance. Good that you have bought ticket to the catacombs in Paris right here. With our ticket to the Parisian underworld you save yourself the queuing.

This ossuary was built at the end of the 18th century, as many cemeteries in Paris were closed. The whole is based on the approximately 300-kilometer-long underground tunnel system. Since the quarries were no longer used at a certain time and partially broken streets, it was decided to use cavities as ossuaries. The current official entrance to the catacombs is also called “ Barrière d’enfer “ (access to hell).

The bones, skulls and buildings of countless millions of people are „buried“ here. Only about 2 kilometers of the cave system are now developed as a museum and can be visited. In a side wing, the French National Bank stores a gold treasure. Many millions of Dollars.

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