Venice with entrance fee

A staggering 33 million visitors flocked to the picturesque city of Venice in 2018, according to statistics. Many tourists are day visitors, cruise participants or city travelers. To accommodate this onslaught, the lagoon city wants to counter it with a fee.

Admission for Venice

In fact, the Venetian authorities planned to charge the fee as early as 01.05.19. However, this timetable cannot now be adhered to, it is now envisaged in September 2019.
Day tourists are then to pay (according to the plan) a fee of € 3.00 per person in order to be able to visit the lagoon city. An increase in this levy is planned for the coming year 2020. Here is a sum of €6.00 per person in the room.
In this way, Venice wants to „catch“ mainly bus and cruise tourists, who are usually only in the Italian city for only 1 day.
Of course, there are also groups of people who are supposed to be exempt from this levy, such as the inhabitants themselves, students or even severely handicapped people.
In addition, this intake should be used in a purpose-built manner. Cleaning, waste disposal and maintenance are at the top of the list.
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